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This is the perfect item if you want to build one of these beautiful boxes but don't have room for the equipment or don't have the extra time to cut them yourself. These boxes are precision cut, so assembly will need very little sanding and filing depending on how accurate you can glue. 

PLEASE NOTE: Myers Crafts did not design these puzzle boxes. They were designed by Bruce Viney; Myers Crafts has partnered with Bruce to simply provide the service to their customers of precutting Bruce's puzzle boxes. Myers Crafts will include the instructions to build the boxes but at a cost that is sent to Bruce Viney for the hard work he has put into his designs. If purchased, the instructions will be sent via e-mail and will be sent when the kits are mailed. Myers Crafts has broken the price into two parts, this is because a customer would not have to pay extra for the instructions over and over again. If you have any questions please feel free to send us an e-mail: